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Lives that Adorn the Gospel

The gospel of Jesus Christ prepares us to die. But, just as importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us how to live. This message lies at the heart of the letter the apostle Paul wrote to Titus, his son in the faith. Paul charged Titus with the difficult task of shepherding a fledgling group of new believers by keeping them grounded in sound doctrine and encouraging them to live out their faith in a dark and hostile world. Over 2,000 years later, Paul’s letter to Titus still speaks with amazing clarity. Using an inductive approach, Lives that Adorn the Gospel explores many of the major themes of this letter—themes that the twenty-first-century church cannot afford to forget. With candor and courage, Paul invites us to live worthy of the gospel in the face of our own increasingly hostile culture. Our salvation is never a private matter: God intends to transform his children into trophies of grace whose lives adorn the gospel.

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