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What Do I Know About My God?

A 12-Week Bible Study from the Psalms

Based on the book by Mardi Collier, this 12-week study is designed to help anyone get to know their amazing God. This Bible study invites you to ask the all-important question: What Do I Know About My God? as you read through selected passages in the book of Psalms. Begin building your own biography of God as you dive into Scripture and learn more about Who He is and what He has done. Then grow in your relationship with God by humbly applying His truth to your life. Knowing God will change you from the inside out!

This version is designed specifically to be printed out as a short booklet and used alongside a hard copy journal or digital journal of your choice. The full version of this study for kids is available for purchase as well. View more details here.

Downloadable PDF File

This file is pre-formatted as a booklet and is designed to be printed double-sided on standard 8.5×11 paper, stapled (if desired), and folded.

Printing tips: Be sure to select “Flip on short edge” in your duplex settings. If you cannot print in duplex format, simply print one sheet at a time and manually feed the printed pages back in to print the other side. Another option is to take the file to a local print shop, UPS store, or Staples to have them print, cut, and punch the pages for you.

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