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A Bible Study Rooted in the Attributes of God

This study focuses on eight different attributes of God, and it is intended to be used in a small group setting over the course of 16 weeks. Also included within the appendix of the study are the following: The Tree, The Tree Examples, God is Chart, The Inductive Study Method, Word Study Tools, Study Examples, and Suggested Resources.

Downloadable Study Content

This file is pre-formatted as a booklet and is designed to be printed double-sided on standard 8.5×11 paper, cut in half, and hole-punched for use in a half-sheet binder. Cover and spine graphics along with bible memory bookmarks are included in a separate file. Click the buttons below to download both files.

Printing tips: Be sure to select “Flip on short edge” in your duplex settings. If you do not have the ability to print in duplex format, simply print one sheet at a time and manually feed the printed pages back in to print the other side. Another option is to take the file to a local print shop, UPS store, or Staples to have them print, cut, and punch the pages for you.

Hard Copy Bible Study Book

You can purchase a paperback copy of this study from Amazon. This 5.5″x8.5″ book includes space for completing each lesson. Take a look inside this study—a sample of the introduction and first lesson are provided below.

Look Inside

The following is an example of the first section of the study taken from the downloadable files.