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Four Stabilizing Truths
for Handling Trouble

Hard Copies

Through many years of study, Ken Collier captured four key truths from Scripture that helped him face trouble in his own life. He called them his “four stabilizing truths.” Adapted from his original principles, this simple Bible study provides a guide for personal application of each truth. Even in the most unsettling of times, followers of Christ can safely navigate the storms of life, as they anchor their hearts and minds in unchanging truth from God’s Word.

Digital Versions

This ready-to-print booklet outlines four basic truths about God from Scripture that can help ground your faith during difficult trials. Designed to be a four-week study, this guide provides Scripture memory passages for each truth given as well as space to journal and apply each focus truth to your personal circumstance.

You may also find the Scripture memory bookmarks and reminder cards helpful in your study. Each bookmark features one of the truths along with Scripture memory prompts for the corresponding focus passages. You may choose to print these double-sided in order to include the basic study reminders on the back or single-sided if you only want to use them for the Scripture memory prompts. The notecards simply feature each truth with all of the Scripture references. Both are designed to be easily printed at home on 8.5×11 cardstock and cut into even quarters. Click on the images or titles below to download the desired PDF file.

Bible Study Tools

Most of the downloadable Bible studies come with tools and resources for how to study the Bible. We’ve pulled out a few of these individual resources that you may want to keep on hand in a separate format. Click on the title below to download the corresponding PDF file.

“God Is” Chart
This tool can also be found in the appendix of the In Pursuit of Glory study. The “God Is” Chart is designed to give an overview of various aspects of God’s nature and can be used as a starting point for further study of God’s attributes. As you prayerfully seek to know God, you can be confident in His promise to “change your tree.”

Keys to Your Own God & I Time
This tool is also found at the beginning of the Lives that Adorn the Gospel Bible study. It details the basics of the inductive Bible study and how to get the most out of studying God’s Word for yourself.

Growing in My Own Relationship With God
While this short booklet is similar to the Keys to Your Own God & Time, it is geared specifically for children ages 8-12 to help them understand the basics of personal Bible study and prayer.